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There are three things I've done in my 20's & early 30's that have forever changed my life:

1) I started a side gig (wedding photography) to pay off my student loans faster & trusted the doors God opened for me.

2) I learned about finances & how to plan & create passive income. I opened a separate bank account, paid myself a consistent salary regardless of busy or slow season, learned how to save for retirement & created courses to help mentor and inspire others.

3) I left my 9-5, stopped chasing the next best thing, found beauty in the simplest things, slowed down my life

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Monthly one-on-one sessions

Are you tired of all the unknowns that life and business throws at you? Are you ready to simplify your life AND your business workflows? I'm very passionate about creating rhythms to simplify your life and slow down and actually ENJOY all that life has to offer.

I've implemented many boundaries and rhythms to get to a more simplified lifestyle and I want to teach you how to too.

Mak Mentorship

"Having a mentorship with Kenzie was one of the most valuable investments in my business. As a fellow photographer, I have admired her use of light and the artistry she brings in capturing emotional, in-between moments on wedding days. 

Upon beginning the mentorship process, she was thorough in her desire to understand my photography business goals and was a gentle, genuine hand to hold throughout the entire mentorship process. Kenzie is as tried and true as they come! Her soft heart and eagerness to help me get where I wanted to be immediately sold me. Every time I walked away learning something new and leaving with action-items to implement immediately. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with MaktographyMK!"

-Ashley Secrist”

Join our community and learn ALL my techniques and settings as I photograph a wedding and how I handle all lighting situations on a wedding day


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