Your experience with your vendor team is one of the most important parts of your wedding

It was the morning of Megan's wedding day. . .

I walked into the room and immediately felt the nervous energy that was surrounding her. I could tell that something was bothering her, so I made sure to pull her aside and ask if there was anything I could do to help. We sat there and talked, I told her not to fight the nerves, to feel them and to let them come and go. I suggested some changes to who was in the room to help ease her nerves. 

Immediately after, I could tell her shoulders were less tense, her smile was bigger, she felt more relaxed and most importantly, she felt comfortable and trusted me to  ..

allow her emotions freely flow.

This is so important, you need someone you trust to be able to capture your day in a real and raw way. 

Your positive + energetic sidekick



I pour my heart & soul in recreating these moments for you

The colors. The decor. The light. The infrastructure. The texture of your dress and the color of his tie. They all were chosen intentionally by you, which is why my editing process is intense and I pour a lot of hours into it to ensure that I recreate it in a way that tells the true story.

Photographs are powerful when they are captured and edited in a way that keeps the depth and the emotion in the image. There are unique ways that I edit images to ensure that they keep the depth and give off the true vibe in that moment. 

I pride myself in creating a final product that is timeless, but still has the perfect amount of warmth added.  I make sure that skin tones are natural and colors are true.

Expect to receive hundreds and hundreds of artistically edited color & black & white images.

Photographs are powerful


Emotional & Intentional Wedding Photographer

I'll show up excited and ready to shoot your day - without missing a beat. I will be on all day watching out for every special moment so that you can simply enjoy the day!


From scouting shoot locations, helping with outfits, to finessing your timeline, we'll keep in touch throughout your wedding planning. I've spent hours creating guides to help you through all these decisions!


Yay! We'll finalize your deposit and sign the dotted lines to secure your date. You'll complete a questionnaire that'll help me to get the next steps organized.


Inquire and you'll receive a detailed digital PDF that goes into depth on all the wedding packages + add ons. A free consultation will be scheduled if needed to discuss any questions!


The process

what to expect next



Let's relive your big day all over again! I know you can't wait so I'll send you teaser photos a couple of days after your wedding for you to use for your thank you's + post all over social media!


Grab some wine, tissues, and get cozy, because you're about to receive a massive gallery in your inbox to reminisce on from your big day!






Your story deserves to be told in an intentional way