Springing into May: Reflections on Rest, Business, Motherhood, and Gardening

Makenzie Kriss

Apr 26, 2024

How is it already almost MAY? This season has been a season of rest and recovery for me after adjusting to running a business and being a mother of two girls last year. The past two months have been filled with slow mornings, lots of coffee, connection to those that surround me offline, getting a lot of studio sessions in and last but not least really working in the garden to get it ready for this summer. 

With rest comes reflection and I’ve been reflecting on a few things, one of them being around finding my “superpower”. I’d say my superpower is patience, consistency and grit – having a long-term thinking point of view and pushing through to see the big picture even if it’s years away. Small moves, big results!

Let’s dig into what we’ve been up to to the past two months with the business, motherhood, gardening and all the fun.

What's Inspiring Me

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  1. Goats Milk -I now consider myself a goats milk enthusiast as I’m fully convinced this stuff is magic
  2. Favorite Quotes 
Goats Milk

I was tired of not feeling confident in my own skin and also tired of pushing back getting certain topical creams that could help fix my issues because I was either pregnant or breastfeeding. I took matters into my own hands and started researching about how I could help my sensitive, red skin and I stumbled upon goats milk. I kept digging in and I found a company out of Washington state called Anderson Family Farms who makes artisan goat milk lotions, scrubs, serums, masks and more…and they were all organic and products I could use while pregnant. I stocked up my cart and ordered their goats milk bar soap, toner and moisturizer and I started to see the scarring, inflammation and redness disappear. My skin was so youthful, vibrant and younger looking. I remember people stopping me and saying wow your skin looks so good.

I’ve shared my testimony a few times on socials and a lot of my followers have went out and purchased their products. Because of such a great response, Anderson Farms granted all of you a code for 15% (KENZIE15) – Enjoy!

My daily routine:

goats milk bar soap

grapeseed scrub (like a natural chemical peel, has really helped my scarring)

Hyaluronic & Eye elixir serums – the dynamic duo! I didn’t know I needed eye serum at 31 but here we are! It works wonders

Simply Clear Day Finish Moisturizer

Favorite Quotes

Photography Business Updates

This winter was FILLED with studio and in home sessions. I stepped out of my comfort zone and did an editorial family session in the most beautiful artistic home. I think I’ve really molded into my own as a photographer this year and I continue to feel a push toward growth in 2024. I’m at such an odd crossroads in life right now due to having two young kiddos at home that I want to savor every single moment, but also feeling a powerful pull toward some creative dreams I’ve had for quite some time. Let’s dig into what I’ve been working on.

I’m excited to dig in and add new modules to my photography courses, The Wedding Light Masterclass & The Emotional Editing Masterclass, by adding new modules. Photography has transformed my life, bringing balance and fulfillment, and I’m passionate about sharing that with others. Beyond teaching techniques, my goal is to inspire and connect with fellow photographers, creating art that blesses others. Stay tuned for a course covering all aspects of the photography business!”

Favorite Simple Moments

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